Human Foosball

Are you good at foosball but bad at soccer? Are you good at soccer and bad at foosball? Or heck, are you just a fanatic of either game? Well, do we have an interactive inflatable for you. Human Foosball is just as it sounds, a real life game of foosball where you and a group of friends can test soccer skills.

Just like the real game, players aim to get a soccer ball into your team’s net while still holding on to your rod. This is a great backyard game if you are tying to keep many kids busy at the same time. This is also a great game for team building, corporate, family, school and sporting events. And, the best part is people of all ages can participate.

Pictures – Human Foosball


Area Required – Human Foosball

Length: 45’
Width: 20’
Height: 7’

Overhead View – It’s Gigantic