The Climb & Splash Water Slide is ideal for ages 3 through 8 but strong enough to hold adults in case your kids beg! The kids climb a foam block rock wall to get to the top of the slide and then splash down into a small puddle of water at the bottom of the slide! A great way for the little ones to keep cool during the summer! Please click here for pricing and availability or to book this unit online.

The Climb & Splash comes in brilliant colors of red, yellow, and blue and with 360 degrees of mesh windows you can have a clear view of what is happening no matter where you are standing. What a great way to combine fun along with a healthy, aerobic activity. And, all of our inflatables are manufactured with fire-resistant vinyl making them safer and more durable.

Pictures – Climb & Splash

Toddler Water Slide Rentals Toddler Water Slide Rental   

Unit Dimensions – Climb & Splash

Length: 24’0″
Width: 10’6″
Height: 13’0″

Unit Information – Climb & Splash

Weight Capacity: up to 800 pounds
People Capacity: up to 4