Rent Inflatable Axe ThrowingKids begging you to take them axe throwing but they’re not old enough? Problem solved, we’ll bring a safe and inexpensive alternative to you. The Inflatable Axe Throwing is licensed and registered in Pennsylvania and is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Made with commercial grade vinyl and designed with multiple shades of brown and tan to look aesthetically like wood grain, the inflatable axe throwing game will provide hours of entertainment for any party.

Pictures – Inflatable Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing for Kids Axe Throwing for Children Inflatable Axe Toss Axe Throwing at my House

Video – Inflatable Axe Throwing

Unit Dimensions

Length: 8’10”
Width: 9’11”
Height: 7′ 10″

Unit Information

Weight Capacity: n/a
People Capacity: designed for 2 people