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Every child loves bounce houses! A bouncy house is an absolute blast and provides entertainment that few other activities can provide. Hosting a birthday party or special event for some small children? Have an outdoor event in the hot Summer months? There’s no better way to cool off, have a blast and make a splash than with the Kids Modern Rainbow Water Slide Bounce House Combo. Kids can step inside the spacious bouncing area and jump to their heart’s delight, then climb up the interior rock wall and head down the toddler-sized water slide to the pool at the bottom to cool off from the summertime heat! It’s a 2-for-1 deal packed into a single unit that simply spells F-U-N.

This inflatable water slide bounce house combo is a wonderful and welcome addition to all children’s parties and events. Featuring bright, vibrant, gender-neutral colors in our very popular rainbow theme, this unit can be used for a boys or girls event, allowing for the potential to double your rental profits. If offers everything that an inflatable bounce house should and then more when you add in a slide that can be used with or without water. Simply connect the built-in misting system to a standard garden hose to create the water slide or leave the water off and use it without water for an equally good time.

Pictures – Rainbow Combo

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Unit Dimensions

Length: 26’0″
Width: 13’0″
Height: 14’6″



Unit Information

Weight Capacity: up to 1,000 pounds
People Capacity: up to 6 people